Why all the hubbub over CrisisWire? Check out this excerpt from Nate Ritter’s blog, explaining the purpose behind their well-considered plan:

“During a disaster people spend valuable time searching the internet and waiting for the media to report on their city, their neighborhood, their street. While main stream media serves a vital role during disasters, it is impossible to update the population on everything that is happening during a crisis. There usually isn’t enough time or resources. CrisisWire not only uses the traditional media outlets’ valuable information but will also utilize citizen journalists and Google maps to track the disaster. YouTube.com (videos), Flickr.com (photos) and a whole host of other types of published media will also soon be integrated.

Along with the website, CrisisWire will soon utilize text messages to get information to people that have lost their electricity, internet, or been displaced from their home. So no matter where someone is, they can be receiving invaluable information about shelters, road closures and other dangers.

Our hope is that CrisisWire will change the way people respond and learn about disasters.” (http://blog.perfectspace.com/2008/11/13/crisis-wire-just-in-time-info)