October 2008

Jack O' Lantern

Are you wondering about strange, strange postings on twitterland today, all ending with the tag: #wotw2 ?  No, it’s not the end of the world, it’s only the War of the Worlds (2.0) being re-enacted in creative imaginations everywhere…and on the web, which gives it its decidedly surreal feel.

Virtual reality and “real” reality take another big blurring, blending step towards each other in this exciting Halloween story of alien invasion.  Don’t panic, folks.  It’s just a game.  Happy All Hallow’s Eve to you!


Here’s an interesting use of Modern Technology: The Twitter Vote Report

Some inspired twitter folks are working to make your voting experience easier and hopefully more effective.  If you have something to say, these guys want to make sure you’re heard.

Consider it your own personal voter hotline.  If you feel your vote is not getting through, you can call: 1-866-Our-Vote.  Or, using twitter hashtags, you can send them a tweet. Let them know if you or someone you know needs help getting their vote in.

These guys are also trying to track and broadcast other hindrances to voters: long lines at the booths, broken machines, etc.  If you want to hear about it, they’ll let you know.  And if you want to tell about it, they’re listening.

Stayin’ Alive Moves: Not Just for Index Fingers Anymore

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The Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive can be used as a training tool for CPR – because it has a near-perfect rhythm for timing compressions, it’s well-known and it has a tendency to get stuck in your head.

All kinds of interesting things showing up online. Here’s Gary Robbins, The ScienceDude, talking about enplan.com, a site that appears to pull info from satellites and aircraft to provide a real-time online tracking map for CA wildfires : “Wildfires now easy to track online”.

CA Wildfire Map

CA Wildfire Map

So here’s this guy, Nate Ritter. He and his team have put together a plan for how to get everyone connected, fast, in emergencies — how to get real time, real important data out to the people who need it most, when they need it. Check it out here and tell your friends. These guys aren’t looking for money, but they are looking for support. Looks like it could be a good thing: Disaster Emergency Info Now.

Here’s a glimpse of what they’ve done so far: Oct. 2008 Pendleton fire.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

An excellent article on hashtags: how to use them, and why they’re at their best during emergencies: twitter hashtags for emergency use

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